Church Search Update 2

22 10 2009

Church #2

Can you say OLD FOLKS?!?  Holy Moly!! We were surprised at the age gap at this church.  We were guessing that the 2nd service was a younger crowd but that is just us assuming/hoping that there was some younger people in that church.  I can’t say we were surprised when we heard the worship and the music at church #2 but then again…it was surprising.  Let’s break it down….

First thing to know is that this church has a pretty good building.  It has changed a lot over the years and it has turned out pretty great.  The auditorium seats a lot of people and it has a very traditional feel with pews and all.  The problem for me is that I did not feel welcome there.  Nobody greeted us and people seemed to just stare at us instead of making an effort.  Even the people we did meet seemed afraid of new people.  Needless to say, we felt lost in this big newer building that was stuffed with stuffy people and it set the tone for what was to come.

The worship was…..sorry….aweful.  If your congregation is not participating in worship then SOMETHING IS WRONG!! Once again we have found a church that seems content with a community of believers that does not worship with passion or urgency.  It is disheartening.  I don’t mind the hymns and the older songs, I think that they have an important role in our churches, but I lose heart when I feel like people are just standing and waiting for the songs to be over.  I don’t get it.  It’s as though the church loses any heartbeat that it had once the songs start.  Needless to say, I was frustrated with this lack of worship.  Two weeks running and not a passionate congregation yet…..starting to lose hope.

The preacher was good…not great & not bad.  He was passionate about the Lord and what he was teaching us but there was something missing….  I appreciated his heart and his love for God but I had a hard time connecting to him and applying his sermon.  The one thing that kept me locked in was his southern accent….for some reason I feel like God speaks more clearly to me through a southern accent.  It’s a weird personal insight for you.

Overall, I can’t say that I was overly impressed with this church.  It has been a staple in this community and Tri-Valley for a long time but I personally was ready for church #3 before the service was even over.  I did not feel welcome and again I was discouraged by the congregations lack of worship.  There is something for everyone but this one was not for us.

Church #2 Rating: PewPew


Church Search Update 1

22 10 2009

Ok…ok…ok…. I realize it has taken a long time to get going with these updates but let’s face it….blogging is like journaling and I am not very inclined to journal.  That being said let’s get this train rolling!

Church 1:

We went for small on our first week out and boy, oh, boy….let’s just say it was different.  Everyone was extremely nice and very friendly and very curious.  Small can be good but it also lends it’s hand to people noticing that there are new people in the building…heaven forbid, “they’re in my seat!”  We weren’t sitting in anybody’s seat but we were surrounded by some of the friendliest people in the Tri-Valley.  They were all very eager to say hello and make us feel welcome.  It was nice.

One of the first things we noticed was the bulletin.  It had all kinds of information in it that we are not used to, i.e. the church budget and how much the church was tithing.  WOW!!! I thought it was refreshing to see exactly how they were spending the tithes that were given every week, month, year.  We also noticed that there were prayer requests in the bulletin….ok, so now you see how small this church is. 🙂

Worship:  Now I understand that I can be more observant and critical of the worship team, music selection, leader, sound and all things that go into this process of leading a congregation effectively and I make no apologies for it after attending this church.  The worship time was….well…rough.  The sound was all coming from the monitors on stage and you could barely hear the worship leader leading the songs.  The bigger concern for me was that the congregation was not actively participating in worship.  It was as if there was no life in their songs, their response or their hearts for worshiping God.  This is why I am tough on this issue.  Worship leaders and teams should be inciting a response from the congregation to participate in worshiping God together with one voice.  I did not feel like I could sing along with the worship leader because NOBODY else was singing.  It was weird.

The Teaching will have to slide in this church’s write-up because it was a guest preacher, however, we were told that he teaches often.  Let’s put it this way, he was talking down to us and was yelling.  Not for me.

Overall, it seemed like a nice group of people that have not been encouraged to deeply connect to God in a long time.  I am not judging them….I am just making an observation.  The church seemed to lack life and soul but was overstocked on friendly faces.  It was great to try something new but the search will continue……

My rating for church #1  PewPew